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Onboarding Guide

Before the Offers API can be consumed it is necessary to acquire an API Key, see more in API Security Tokens. The onboarding is restricted and can only start on Maersk approval, please reach out to your Maersk contact to state your interest.

During the onboarding process we will help your developers getting access to our Maersk API Slack team, where they can get help with their technical questions for consuming the APIs. All technical communication with the devops team should be using the api channels on slack.

Onboarding steps

  1. Creating a Slack channel (please provide us with your IT team e-mail addresses)
  2. Sharing an API key for test environments (Maersk)
  3. UI design (Consumer)
  4. Development (Consumer)
  5. Testing (Consumer)
  6. UI validation (Maersk)
  7. Info about the expected load in production (Consumer)
  8. Sharing an API key for production environment (Maersk subject to UI and load validation)
  9. Go-live (Consumer)

Misuse of the API

Please also make sure to read the API terms and conditions, including what is considered misuse of the API.

THE CONSEQUENCE OF AN API MISUSE IS AN API KEY FREEZE – without an API key you cannot send the requests to us via the API connection.

An overview of the UI requirements:

  1. Incorporate the option for the customers to ask for all brands offers (Maersk, Sealand). SCAC code parameter to be filled in with appropriate carrier code - must have requirement
  2. Product name should be stated as “Maersk Spot” for Maersk and as "Sealand Spot for Sealand brands
  3. Validity of the rate should be absent as the rate is dynamic and has no validity – must have requirement
  4. Show main product differentiators: “Price and loading guaranteed; two-way commitment”, state close to T&C “Get Guaranteed Slot Upon Booking Confirmation”.
  5. A priceID to be stated close to the total amount area so that customers could use the priceID for the bookings through their direct EDI connection or via INTTRA - must have requirement
  6. Make T&C visible as it contains important info incl penalties and fees
  7. Show import D&D and penalties in the search result as this is a part of the offer
  8. Show export D&D info as a link (see DnD links)
  9. Show all vessel options as this is important for the customers to see the rates in comparison with the vessel departure dates - must have requirement
  10. Deep link V1 (origin/ destination/ equ type and size pre-populated after the log in to ) can be used to redirect customers to the booking stage at
  11. A flag for rollable to be added to the UI as this is a sub product where customers can pre-agree for the rolling (if it happens) and get compensated afterwards
  12. Inlands is a part of the product effective 9 March, so you will need to have a mode of transport (MOT) and a weight field in UI to let customers look for Spot offer inland rates

Once Ui is finalized and aligned between us, we will need to know your expected load in production to issue a prod apikey.